Operation: Shell Breaker 2018

Operation: Shell Breaker 2018 is an interactive training activity where teams will defend critical infrastructure through a cyber range. The cyber range is a standalone IT system supporting ‘Shell Cove’—a replication of a town made of Lego. Shell Cove’s infrastructure is connected to the cyber range so attackers and defenders can work with a physical target.

Shell Cove has established itself as a smart city, using information and communication technologies to increase efficiency, improve services and share information with the public. The city offers the latest technology, from an automated rail system to public Wi-Fi.

With this embrace of the ‘Internet of Things’, there are also increased security threats that can impact the lives of Shell Cove’s citizens. City-wide connectivity has created security vulnerabilities for the residents of Shell Cove. The city’s infrastructure is now less secure and more open to different forms of criminal activity.

Setting the scene

Country profile:

These profiles set the scene for the game’s geo-political climate and provide background information on the history of Shell Cove and the surrounding region.

The aim of the game

The people of Shell Cove are under attack. Strange things are happening to their town and their way of life is under threat. Who is responsible? What do they want?

Multiple sectors will work together to defend Shell Cove from acts of cyber terrorism from a malicious actor.

Blue teams

Our blue teams will be made up of incident response and operations staff from a range of government and corporate organisations that will work together in a simulated life like event. This will test a range of skills and encourage team work to not only defeat the red team but to attribute their actions as well.

Red teams

There will be two red teams, one will perform network based hacks and the other will conduct social engineering activities.

War week at a glance – September

Play off between educational institutions giving future cyber talent a chance to demonstrate their skills and identify their learning needs
Kick off event
Team meet and greet and reconnaissance starts
Incident begins
Incident response
Incident response – completed
by 12 PM